About us.

In a few words

Mindpro Studio Inc. is a Caribbean-based Media Studio that is adept at creative design, brand identity, product development, art direction, digital print, apparel, marketing material, and web development, social media & streaming.

Producing projects, for private, commercial, health care, educational, governmental, and international clients. Not to mention small and medium-sized start-ups; facilitating their branding structure.

We speak Visually, Engaging your Experiences on the Web, Mobile, Digital, and Print Media.

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One is as strong as their weakest link. We constantly stay in teachable mode, upgrading our education and software to always be in a position to serve you with consistent and contemporary solutions

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Our team

Good teamwork is essential in all organizations. It signifies that: people are working towards a shared purpose and common goals.


Jared Williams

Creative Director


Andre Howell

Illustrator | Designer


Keisha Glasgow

Apparel & Print Coordinator